Definition of desk-bound in English:



  • Restricted to working in an office, rather than in an active, physical capacity.

    ‘his contempt for the desk-bound staff behind the lines’
    • ‘Now, the computer signals a warning to all desk-bound individuals.’
    • ‘They believe face-to-face contact is what encourages bright ideas at work, but desk-bound staff no longer talk the way they used to.’
    • ‘Operational job losses will be limited to 64 by putting desk-bound staff ‘back on the pumps’.’
    • ‘I fear I have years of this ahead of me, as I can't see my career moving away from the desk-bound realm any time soon.’
    • ‘Today he said desk-bound senior ranking officers had also embraced the idea of taking to the streets regularly each month.’
    • ‘Eating them while leading a desk-bound or sofa-dominated life now appears even less useful.’
    • ‘He said only 229 were desk-bound under a new agreement.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, I'm going to be desk-bound for most of it.’
    • ‘At the same time, an active hunting lifestyle is gradually being replaced by sedentary habits, including desk-bound employment.’
    • ‘The increasing burden of legislation, designed by well meaning but desk-bound bureaucrats, ensured that only the very large could survive, unless they found a niche.’
    • ‘But union leaders are angry that instead of recalling staff who are off duty to man the cars, or using desk-bound officers, management are taking firefighters off engines.’
    • ‘But the Army medical panel told him that the desk-bound nature of his job as a supply controller meant that he could rely on a further ten years of service.’
    • ‘This list of office slang may come in handy for all you desk-bound folks.’
    • ‘Things started to tidy up by lunchtime, so I walked another 30 minutes back to the station, rode a still-delayed train to work and put in the usual afternoon's quota of desk-bound confinement.’
    • ‘Imagine her frustration, though, as, desk-bound, she watched Lawrence make his famous forays into the desert - all done on her advice.’
    • ‘‘We encourage far too many young people to aspire to desk-bound and managerial careers,’ he said.’
    • ‘More people than ever are swapping their desk-bound jobs for a vocation that enables them to be hands-on, use their brain and be in charge of their own destiny.’
    • ‘But she soon gave up her desk-bound job for a life on the ocean waves.’
    • ‘That's his euphemism for the paunch so characteristic of many middle-aged, desk-bound executives.’
    • ‘The Government was trying to reduce the time police spent desk-bound, he said, and by next spring the numbers of officers should be up to 130,000.’
    sitting, seated, desk, inactive, still, stationary
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