Definition of designing in English:



  • [attributive] Acting in a calculating, deceitful way:

    ‘a designing little minx’
    • ‘She is a weak, unintelligent girl; he a strong, cunning, and designing man.’
    • ‘The second is artful, cunning, and designing; shielding the rich man from the possibility of being entrapped, and affecting at the same time, to have a tender and scrupulous regard, for the interests of the whole community.’
    • ‘Without such a check, the press, in the hands of evil and designing men, would become a most formidable engine, and as mighty for mischief as for good.’
    • ‘It is not conjured up by cunning and designing men.’
    • ‘Although good ethics exist in the profession of law, nevertheless the profession is not without the unscrupulous cunning, and designing fellow members.’
    scheming, calculating, conniving, plotting, intriguing, conspiring
    cunning, crafty, artful, wily, devious, guileful, canny, shrewd, astute, sharp, insidious, manipulative
    treacherous, sly, underhand, deceitful, dishonest, machiavellian, double-dealing, tricky
    crooked, foxy
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