Definition of desh in English:



mass nounIndian
  • A person's or a people's native land.

    ‘contrary to my visit in December, I have a very positive view about desh now’
    • ‘Cycle rickshaws are the most common mode of transport in all parts of apna desh.’
    • ‘Well, I’ve survived my first week back in the Desh.’
    • ‘In Bharat desh mahaan the ‘convocation ceremony’ is an utter joke.’
    • ‘The Mughal invasion and later the Portugal reign made many families leave the Konkan desh, bringing many to shores of Calicut, the throne of the Zamorin, who did not give them any shelter.’
    • ‘Rather than rigidly bound locales, desh [country or home] and bidesh [foreign country] are fluid categories, which are dynamically interrelated.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit.