Definition of desertification in English:



mass noun
  • The process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture.

    ‘nearly one fifth of the world's land is threatened with desertification’
    • ‘Where food is scarce, people will often over-exploit the land in order to squeeze out of it what they can; that can lead to deforestation and desertification.’
    • ‘One root cause of desertification and deforestation is the use of wood as the basic source of energy, with the consequent loss of trees and degradation of the soil.’
    • ‘This is because trees fight greenhouse emissions, pollution and reduce desertification, droughts, floods and storms.’
    • ‘The burgeoning populations of this area is contributing to its desertification by clearing forest for agriculture as well as for firewood.’
    • ‘Threatened by erosion, desertification, overgrazing and global warming, cedar forests in the Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains are going through a hard time.’
    • ‘But there has been no other time in the history of the world when greenhouse gases, airborne methane and mercury, desertification, and deforestation have been around.’
    • ‘Deforestation and desertification, caused in part by overpopulation, force people off of the hinterlands and into the cities.’
    • ‘Despite the massive amount of land claimed by expanding desertification each year, the phenomenon receives only infrequent attention, perhaps because the effects seldom seem to transcend international borders.’
    • ‘The rest of the Arab lands are threatened by desertification due to anthropogenic activities including overgrazing.’
    • ‘It pays poor rural women to plant trees across the country to protect their farms from soil erosion and desertification.’
    • ‘The problems are global - poverty, air and water pollution, deforestation, desertification, overfishing, climate change - no country can confront these challenges alone.’
    • ‘This puts enormous pressure on the environment, contributing to deforestation and desertification in these countries.’
    • ‘The UN in 2000 reported that half of all land in South Asia has lost agricultural potential because of desertification.’
    • ‘In Ghana, a three-day workshop will focus on medicinal plants, conserving fresh water, renewable energy and desertification.’
    • ‘The litany of contemporary change includes global warming, ozone loss, soil erosion, deforestation, desertification, collapsing fisheries, and disappearing aquifers.’
    • ‘Deforestation, desertification and the number of endangered species continue to rise.’
    • ‘And there's also the risk of serious soil erosion leading to possible desertification.’
    • ‘Mozambique has experienced recurrent drought, flooding, cyclones, water pollution, and desertification (the process by which land loses its nutrients and becomes desert).’
    • ‘Agriculture was neglected throughout this period, and desertification gradually reduced arable land.’
    • ‘Pollution, erosion, desertification, increased rates of extinction and more can all be traced back to us.’