Definition of descriptivist in English:


adjective & noun

  • See descriptivism

    • ‘This doesn't show that the expression is not being used emotively in the second premise; a descriptivist can agree to that.’
    • ‘And the one obvious answer, which is to defer to people who create dictionaries, who are linguistic professionals, runs into the fact that they're almost all descriptivists these days.’
    • ‘It is clear that in rejecting the descriptivist assumption he rejects the conception of the mind as a domain of real ‘processes and states’ which it is the business of a scientific psychology to investigate and tell us about.’
    • ‘Even if you have a good descriptivist argument to defend your using ‘hailed,’ the safer bet is to write ‘haled.’’
    • ‘Though I'm a staunch descriptivist in linguistic matters, I can still bemoan some changes in the language - I just don't call them ‘wrong,’ once they happen.’