Definition of descender in English:



  • 1A part of a letter that extends below the level of the base of a letter such as x (as in g and p).

    • ‘There are loops on the ascenders and descenders, except for lower case ‘t’ letters and some ‘d' letters, which are straight.’
    • ‘Ascenders and descenders are long to ensure their legibility.’
    • ‘I of course replied that I really like the way the descender on the ‘p’ is curved.’
    • ‘Within each triplet set, the items were matched for rhyme and whether the initial letter was an ascender, descender, or x-height.’
    • ‘The alphabets, be it the ascenders (like h, j, l, t), descenders (like g, y) or those with body (a, x, s, r) should be properly shaped.’
    1. 1.1A letter having a descender.
      • ‘Another aspect of the invention resides in addressing the character element rows of the character store in a partially cyclic manner such that descender letters are read-out for display in a "lowered", correctly aligned, position in a row of displayed characters.’