Definition of descend in English:



  • 1Move or fall downwards.

    ‘the aircraft began to descend’
    • ‘Thunder, lightning, and buckets upon buckets of rain descended on the city.’
    • ‘We finally got over the dune and we began descending.’
    • ‘Huge drops of falling rain descended from the heavy clouds above.’
    • ‘He watched as it began descending and landed miles away from where they stood.’
    • ‘The machine whirred to life and slowly began descending.’
    • ‘We went up for a second and began descending slowly.’
    • ‘It began descending at full throttle and crashed one mile from the point of its liftoff.’
    • ‘The black cloud descended lower over them as the car jolted over the pothole strewn country lane through the hills.’
    • ‘As we began descending from mountains into the desert, I saw agaves, cacti, and ocotillo thriving on the dry, rugged slopes.’
    • ‘They began descending, eventually touching back down on the roof.’
    • ‘Alas this was not to be as a deluge of rain descended and the dancing had to be abandoned.’
    • ‘I felt colder and colder as I descended and was beginning to shiver uncontrollably midway down the mountain.’
    • ‘The aircraft continued at altitude for two minutes and then descended rapidly.’
    • ‘The elevator begins descending, and as daylight disappears, all is silent and darkness envelops us.’
    • ‘In moments I descend to depths I would have assumed impossible without scuba gear.’
    • ‘As we began descending, he reminded me to check my altitude and the terrain.’
    • ‘Caroline leapt out of the van as heavy rain began to descend.’
    • ‘They all board the elevator and the door shuts as they begin descending.’
    • ‘Doors slid silently closed behind him and he began to descend.’
    go down, come down
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    1. 1.1[with object]Move down (a slope or stairs)
      ‘the vehicle descended a ramp’
      • ‘She took a deep breath to compose herself and then descended the spiral staircase.’
      • ‘A young woman descends the stairs from a low, curtained gallery to hand a sheet of music to a cellist waiting downstairs.’
      • ‘The ceremonial Indonesian procession slowly descended the stairs onto the stage.’
      • ‘The problem presents as anterior knee pain, which is worse after prolonged sitting with the knee flexed, or on climbing or descending stairs or slopes.’
      • ‘He came upstairs to get me, and as we descended the stairs, he asked if I wanted to drive.’
      • ‘They have considerable difficulty ascending or descending stairs, and so you may find them in elevators.’
      • ‘Lise was descending the steps, the look on her face disapproving as usual.’
      • ‘Looking around I reclaimed my fire axe and slowly descended the stairs inside the building.’
      • ‘Descending the steps, she looked upwards at the planet's golden sun.’
      • ‘From the amount of shouting, I would be surprised if anyone in the neighbouring rooms was still asleep, and finally he relented and descended the stairs.’
      • ‘He descended a ladder and went down through a trapdoor to the 5th floor.’
      • ‘As I descended the stairs, I was greeted by a room full of people cheering and singing Happy Birthday.’
      • ‘Lee turned around after descending the ladder, and her breath was taken away.’
      • ‘He slowly descended the stairs with a grim look on his face.’
      • ‘Since many elderly patients are unable to walk, the robust young lad carried them on his back when ascending or descending stairs for daily treatment.’
      • ‘The air was crisp and, descending the stairs, I fancied that I could taste the lack of oxygen.’
      • ‘In another case, a judge dismissed a claim for negligence where a 12-year-old pupil broke her ankle when descending a staircase.’
      • ‘Quick as I could, I shut the window, exited the bathroom, descended the stairs and went into the kitchen, where both girls were staring out of the window.’
      • ‘John Henry is speaking to an acquaintance in the lobby and a beautiful young woman, followed closely behind by a companion, is descending the stairs.’
      • ‘The whole party turns to look at the two gracefully descending the stairs.’
      climb down, go down, come down, move down, pass down, walk down
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    2. 1.2(of a road, path, or flight of steps) slope or lead downwards.
      ‘a side road descended into the forest’
      [with object] ‘a flight of stairs descended a steep slope’
      • ‘Slowly, strained, the grate lifted and hung twenty feet above the opening, revealing a flight of stairs that descended downwards.’
      • ‘Broad flights of steps descended directly into the azure water.’
      • ‘From the lay-by, the path descends slightly to a gate.’
      • ‘Angel walked the hallways without trouble until she turned at the right hallway and saw several flights of steps descending before her.’
      • ‘A path descends north from this bealach and snakes over rough ground to a rocky basin, passing between two small lochans.’
      • ‘For traffic driving east, the road descends down a gradient of 0.023 through a wooded area with trees overhanging the road on both sides.’
      • ‘The road descended, and at the foot of the hill I entered the village.’
      • ‘The docks are high over the black water, which slams against the retaining walls; stone steps descend, made slippery by seaweed.’
      • ‘A quarter of a mile further on, at the eastern limb of the bay, the path descended steeply, zig-zagging across the cliff face to a stretch of beach to the east of Holland Point.’
      • ‘The road descended through weedy habitat full of sparrows and Red-winged Blackbirds.’
      • ‘If you choose to traverse across the hole, the original descent is marked by three prominent fallen stalagmites in front of you, with a slope descending from them.’
      • ‘She pushed a button, and a large flight of stairs descended from the ship to the ground.’
      • ‘The path descended, but the light was definitely growing brighter.’
      • ‘From the summit, the path descends alongside the wall until a narrow rocky cleft is reached.’
      • ‘On entering you are confronted by the corrugated stone underside of the ascending flight, the inverse of the other flight descending in front of you.’
      slope, dip, slant, decline, go down, sink, fall away
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    3. 1.3Move down a scale of quality.
      ‘the categories are listed in descending order of usefulness’
      • ‘This is where operators prioritise in descending order the exchanges where they want a presence.’
      • ‘With only 10 slots, the shuffled deck consists of 20 groups of cards that alternate between ascending and descending card orders.’
      • ‘You can also choose to display from 10 to 100 items per page, in descending or ascending order.’
      • ‘According to what we understand about the effects of priming, the opposite would be predicted - lower thresholds derived from the descending than the ascending order.’
      • ‘Such shifts have been described for both response rates and threshold determinations when both ascending and descending orders of current or frequency values are presented.’
      • ‘This will either sort the list ascending or descending.’
      • ‘In descending order the top five nationalities are Samoa, Tonga, China, Thailand, and Great Britain.’
      • ‘You can then decide on posting order: whether alphabetically or by date, ascending or descending.’
    4. 1.4Music (of sound) become lower in pitch.
      ‘a passage of descending chords’
      • ‘The implied connection between ‘cadence’ and falling is most explicitly realized in music where a melodic line descends conclusively to the modal final or tonal tonic.’
      • ‘The second half of the chorus is an admission of defeat, which the music mirrors in a familiar descending chord pattern.’
      • ‘The first descending row of chords is just magic, raising the little hairs on the back of a listener's neck.’
      • ‘By the end of ‘Cromosomi’, with its tricky harmonic sequence that descends in semitones, he had the audience in the palm of his hand.’
      • ‘It begins with a motif comprised of violent, mostly descending chords whose eerie, threatening character sends a chill through the listener.’
    5. 1.5Act in a shameful way that is far below one's usual standards.
      ‘he was scrupulous in refusing to descend to misrepresentation’
      • ‘You say cable news squanders its resources by descending to tabloid sensationalism, personality cult shows and aping talk radio with high-testosterone shout shows.’
      • ‘Sometimes the physical instincts are elevated to a spiritual level and often the spiritual being descends to a baser life.’
      • ‘Politics now dominates - and the level of civility descends to new lows.’
      • ‘Anyone who descends to such cheap jibes with nothing more substantial to say is just making himself ridiculous.’
      • ‘She never descended to self-pity but preserved in herself a sense of identity and personal dignity that made her so valuable to any whom she befriended.’
      condescend, stoop, lower oneself, abase oneself, humble oneself, demean oneself, debase oneself, deign
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    6. 1.6(of a situation or group of people) reach (an undesirable state)
      ‘the army had descended into chaos’
      • ‘The situation has now descended into farce as the row rumbles on.’
      • ‘However the situation soon descends into something more sinister.’
      • ‘From this flawed start the report descends into farce.’
      • ‘With the onset of the reforms, the power situation in the State descended into chaos.’
      • ‘The traffic descends into chaos for thirty minutes.’
      • ‘The country is holding together so far, but could easily again descend into chaos.’
      • ‘I recognise that overall we must obey those laws or descend into anarchy.’
      • ‘In this situation, the system can handle substantial variability without descending into crisis.’
      • ‘Almost every important issue descends into a farcical search for hidden agendas - which can be infuriating for those of us who want to debate the issue on its own terms.’
      • ‘The game almost descended into farce with the sleet making any meaningful rugby impossible.’
      • ‘What Shakespeare actually shows is an England in which the legal framework gradually descends into anarchy.’
      • ‘Indeed the latest attacks, for all their threat of danger, soon descended into farce.’
      • ‘Medieval parties to celebrate saints' days would often descend into chaos or a protest.’
      • ‘The council's campaign quickly descended into farce.’
      • ‘We must not descend to the depth of lawlessness for which the criminal was sentenced.’
      • ‘After that it descends into something of a mess.’
      • ‘In other words, whichever route one takes in this intellectual landscape, it descends into the same perdition.’
      • ‘This story descended into farce some time ago, but it reached a new low yesterday.’
      • ‘Many of the countries I visited soon descended into the most terrible chaos.’
      • ‘If we are not to descend into anarchy, we must live under government.’
      degenerate, deteriorate, decline, sink, slide, fall, drop
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  • 2Make a sudden attack on.

    ‘the militia descended on Rye’
    • ‘The staff watched in horror from their viewport as the first wave of menacing assault wings descended on the dormant federation fleet.’
    • ‘In Chicago alone, for example, 55 hate crimes were reported in which the attacks were mentioned and at least once an angry mob descended on a mosque.’
    • ‘Teenagers descended on three roads in Bocking, affecting at least six cars in the attack at about 10 pm on Sunday night.’
    • ‘On 20 May 1941, German parachutists and assault gliders descended upon Crete.’
    • ‘We should not be like a mob descending on the village and leave like locusts.’
    • ‘In the single worst incident, attackers descended on the village.’
    • ‘He thinks it is only a matter of time before an invasion force descends upon this island nation in an attempt to force a regime change.’
    • ‘She could hear rage in the attacker's breathing as he descended upon her.’
    • ‘Suddenly a band of yelping Indians would descend upon the wagon train and kill every man, woman and child and brutally mutilate some through scalping.’
    • ‘When we began to make speeches the riot police descended on us and started attacking people, throwing tear gas everywhere.’
    • ‘Twenty-nine years ago, its tanks and troops stormed into the country, fighting in the mountains and descending on the capital to restore order to a city ravaged by civil war.’
    • ‘As the crooks descend upon the money, the lights in the vault suddenly go out.’
    • ‘In a second government-sanctioned attack, 1,000 soldiers descended on the compound.’
    • ‘A disagreement between four boys was all it took to provoke the gang into descending on the area and attacking people at random, the court heard.’
    • ‘The attackers, 20-30, in number mercilessly descended upon him, armed with snooker cues and bats, beating him to the ground while unconscious.’
    • ‘I knew that they were far stronger than I was, and that if I did not do something, the other attackers would descend upon me in a moment.’
    • ‘A group of soldiers had already descended upon the police station the day before the assault and aggressively demanded his release.’
    • ‘All of a sudden, the powers that be descended upon them.’
    • ‘The pirates seize the vessel and use it to attack a shoreside target, descending upon their target from the air.’
    1. 2.1Make an unexpected visit to.
      ‘groups of visiting supporters descended on a local pub’
      • ‘What is it about this time of the year that encourages normally passive shoppers, like husbands and brothers, suddenly to descend on the shops in search of all kinds of gifts?’
      • ‘Eight friends came to visit and descended on my living room.’
      • ‘But in March, when his trial began, protests suddenly escalated, with hundreds of people descending on the small local town to mount a demonstration.’
      • ‘He was visiting his children when federal agents descended upon his ex-wife's house and took him away in handcuffs.’
      • ‘But this figure is set to be dwarfed by the crowds expected to descend on the heritage railway once the Harry Potter film is released.’
      • ‘The two women from a development donor agency in the big city descended upon the ‘Developing’ women in the little village unannounced.’
      • ‘I spent the evening half-expecting a horde of physicians to descend on me, but Mai was the only one who visited me.’
      • ‘One week, the Prime Minister descends on the town to visit the office of a training company.’
      come in force, arrive in hordes, attack, assail, assault, storm, invade, pounce on, raid, swoop on, charge
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    2. 2.2(of a feeling) develop suddenly and affect a place or person.
      ‘an air of gloom descended on Labour Party headquarters’
      • ‘Head lowered, she raised her arms, and the gloom descended to envelope us, as if she had pulled it down as a comforting blanket.’
      • ‘A thick tension descended on them suddenly as their eyes locked.’
      • ‘I'm not sure if it was because of the laughing or because of the sudden depression that descended upon me.’
      • ‘A sudden aura of seriousness descended upon us and we returned our sober attention to the doctor.’
      • ‘My depression descends on me really suddenly, and… when I am there I can't… move… within it.’
    3. 2.3(of night or darkness) begin to occur.
      ‘as the winter darkness descended, the fighting ceased’
      • ‘It was now a matter of time before the moonless darkness of night descended.’
      • ‘Night was quickly descending, and despite the fact that the teens had slept late into the day, their actions since awakening had tired them out considerably.’
      • ‘Finally, darkness descended and we - the younger members - met in front of Ed's house as planned.’
      • ‘Candles and torches were brought out as darkness descended over Malmesbury.’
      • ‘An hour later, as darkness was slowly descending on this warm provincial town, we started the recording.’
      • ‘By the time they had finished, darkness had descended completely outside.’
      • ‘As darkness descends, standing there looking over us, the tree takes on an almost human demeanour, especially when it is lit by a rising full moon.’
      • ‘By now it was nearly 4pm and darkness was descending fast.’
      • ‘However as things stand right now, darkness is descending, work is finished for the day, and no planting has yet taken place.’
      • ‘When darkness descended we hurriedly cleared the kitchen table in order to commence our fretwork.’
      • ‘When the air became chilly and darkness descended, they lit lanterns and retired to a rustic shelter.’
      • ‘Darkness descended all to quickly upon the three riders in their silent but desperate flight.’
      • ‘And then, as darkness descended, two sets of supporters assumed position.’
      • ‘Darkness was beginning to descend and it was time for the happy couple to make the long journey home again where Mick's plan was to have a few pints in his local before closing time.’
      • ‘By the time everyone was done, darkness had descended.’
      • ‘During autumn and winter, darkness descends at about 4pm and the area dies once children have left the two local schools.’
      • ‘She looked around fearfully and shivered slightly as she entered, the cool darkness descending ominously upon her.’
      • ‘By 6pm each evening, the village descends into complete darkness.’
      • ‘It's all picture perfect, even if the night does descend rather early and hangs on for hours on end.’
      • ‘At that moment a sudden darkness descended upon the house.’
  • 3Be a blood relative of (a specified ancestor)

    ‘John Dalrymple was descended from an ancient Ayrshire family’
    • ‘This character is common to all animals as the result of their being descended from a common multicellular ancestor that also possessed this character.’
    • ‘The findings show that more than 95 percent of dogs in this group were descended from three original female ancestors.’
    • ‘The mouse and human genomes descended from a common ancestor some 75 million years ago.’
    • ‘It will give some clarity to one's understanding of whom one is descended from.’
    • ‘The island's population - made up of Chinese, Malays and Europeans - is descended from indentured labour brought in to work the deposits of phosphate of lime discovered in 1887.’
    • ‘Perhaps also the evolutionists could explain their assumption that man is descended from apes.’
    • ‘Too many people think evolution is the idea that people are descended from apes.’
    • ‘White hart deer graze the lawns, said to be descended from two white harts given by Elizabeth 1 to her god-child.’
    • ‘When I realised that I was descended from this man, I felt intense sadness, anger and shame.’
    • ‘Legend says he was descended from one of the Magi who visited the baby Jesus and was both priest and king.’
    • ‘His mother was of Scots extraction and his father was descended from Belgian bourgeoisie.’
    • ‘Through their oral tradition, they have maintained that they were descended from earlier Jews.’
    • ‘In 1940 the island had a population of just over 1,000 people, the vast majority of whom were descended from freedmen who had acquired the land after the civil war.’
    • ‘After 16 years of trawling through documents, the genealogist unearthed proof that Laurence was descended from the female side of the clan.’
    • ‘The Benn boys were descended from politicians on both sides of the family.’
    • ‘As I am putting on my coat she tells me about an American geneticist who has discovered that everyone in the world is descended from just seven women.’
    • ‘Although he is descended from Russian aristocracy, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.’
    • ‘They were descended from a family which had once enjoyed respect and honour.’
    • ‘Their father was descended from three generations of sea captains.’
    • ‘Life on Earth looks as if it's descended from a common ancestor.’
    be a descendant of, originate from, issue from, spring from, have as an ancestor, derive from
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    1. 3.1(of an asset) pass by inheritance, typically from parent to child.
      ‘his lands descended to his eldest son’
      • ‘Heathcliff dies intestate, the property descends - as it should - to the young lovers, and the two great houses revert to their dynastic owners.’
      • ‘He remarried, and after his own death in 1556, his property descended to his son William.’
      • ‘Subject to her right of dower, the estate descended to his two sons.’
      • ‘In accordance with Colonel Brooke's will, her property descended to her daughter, whose husband thus became possessed of a respectable income’
      • ‘He had three wives and the estate descended to the son of his third wife.’
      be handed down, be passed down, pass by heredity, be transferred by inheritance
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Middle English: from Old French descendre, from Latin descendere, from de- down + scandere to climb.