Definition of desaturation in English:



  • See desaturate

    • ‘The mechanisms of persistent sleepiness in treated sleep apnea are presently not known, but severity of oxyhemoglobin desaturations best predicts sleepiness in persons with obstructive sleep apnea.’
    • ‘In both systems, a reduction in oxygen was recorded for oxygen desaturations of at least 4%, independent of the simultaneous occurrence of an apnea or hypopnea episode.’
    • ‘In plants and cyanobacteria, these steps are catalysed by two enzymes, phytoene desaturase and carotene desaturase, each mediating two symmetrically positioned desaturations.’
    • ‘This 3-min recording from an overnight polysomnogram shows repetitive obstructive sleep hypopneas causing arousals and oxygen desaturations.’
    • ‘Without knowing polysomnography results, a single technician computed the oximetry desaturation index from 379 studies as the number of desaturations at or exceeding 3% magnitude divided by test duration in hours.’