Definition of dermatoglyphic in English:



  • See dermatoglyphics

    • ‘Conventional methods were used in dermatoglyphic interpretation.’
    • ‘But further studies have to be done with a larger sample size in order to evaluate the significance of these variations in the dermatoglyphic features in the oral cleft individuals.’
    • ‘Using an approach based on the gradient of development in the hand, the possibility that the relative timing of alcohol exposure can be detected in the dermatoglyphic system will be explored.’
    • ‘Since this type of dermatoglyphic model is based on an analysis of genetically identical individuals (monozygotic twins), it provides a marker for prenatal environmental causality independent of genetic causality.’
    • ‘Some of the factors (including differences in testosterone level) which are associated with intrauterine stress are also associated with dermatoglyphic asymmetry in humans and captive primates.’