Definition of dermapteran in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Dermaptera

    • ‘Nontarget insects caught in traps were counted and broadly categorized by order (e.g. small dipterans, dermapterans) or family or super family.’
    • ‘We are establishing a molecular phylogeny for this group in order elucidate patterns of dermapteran diversification and evolution.’
    • ‘Special mention is made regarding specific groups, such as amphibians, phasmids, dermapterans and dipterans, whose current diversity includes 14, 30, 16 and 9% of species described by Philippi, respectively.’
    • ‘Birds consumed dermapterans, orthopterans, arachnids, and coleopterans in proportions equal to the prey's availability and did not select for prey size.’
    • ‘The paper recorded sixty-five taxa that were represented by six species (carabids, cicindelines, staphylinids, dermapterans, heteropterans and araneids), and 38,980 ground-dwelling arthropods from both sites (non Bt and Bt cotton fields).’