Definition of dermabrasion in English:



mass noun
  • (in cosmetic surgery) the removal of superficial layers of skin with a rapidly revolving abrasive tool.

    • ‘Surgical excision, dermabrasion, electrosurgery and cryosurgery may be curative.’
    • ‘There are chapters on skin flaps, skin grafting, dermabrasion, tissue expansion, cryosurgery, chemical peeling, hair restoration, face lifts, and sclerotherapy.’
    • ‘He concluded that visible residual cicatrization is eliminated from both accidental and surgical facial scars if dermabrasion is performed four to eight weeks after the primary wound.’
    • ‘Tattoos can be removed by various means, including dermabrasion, excision and suturing, and laser surgery, though usually with some residual scarring.’
    • ‘Superficial ablation through electrodessication, dermabrasion or laser treatment may be beneficial.’


1950s: from Greek derma ‘skin’ + abrasion.