Definition of derequisition in English:



[with object]dated
  • Return (requisitioned property) to its former owner.

    ‘the corporation agreed to seek permission from the Minister to derequisition the plaintiff's premises’
    • ‘The Army retained control of the site until it was derequisitioned in 1952 when it was returned to farmland.’
    • ‘After the war the land area was not derequisitioned for a considerable time, but the aerodrome was abandoned by the Ministry.’
    • ‘It was derequisitioned in 1946 and returned to the Corporation.’
    • ‘Later in the war it was derequisitioned and let to Polish forces, who converted it into a hospital and finally a maternity hospital.’
    • ‘By November, Friston had seen its heyday and was finally derequisitioned in April 1946.’