Definition of dereference in English:



[with object]Computing
  • Obtain the address of a data item held in another location from (a pointer).

    • ‘On other CPUs, the data dependency implied by the pointer dereference suffices, so on these CPUs, line 18 generates no code.’
    • ‘The x command evaluates and pretty-prints any expression, prepending a numbered index on each line of output, dereferencing anything that can be dereferenced and indenting each new level of dereferencing.’
    • ‘Any dereference of a pointer that causes a fault must be an access to an object on an access frontier page.’
    • ‘It took me about 8 hours to figure out how to dereference a multidimensional array which points to another array structure in PERL (a web script programming language).’
    • ‘Therefore, each user or process that needs to resolve an identifier must know, a priori, which service should be used to dereference that identifier.’