Definition of derealized in English:


(British derealised)


  • See derealization

    • ‘While we may strive for authenticity in our personal lives, this is no longer possible in contemporary visual culture: any attempt to do so will be derealized by the real virtuality of hyper-realism.’
    • ‘The psychiatrist may also attempt to directly contact other identities by asking to speak to the part of the mind involved in behaviors for which the patient had amnesia or that were experienced in a depersonalized or derealized fashion.’
    • ‘A provisional answer would be the rejected one: a return to the particulars of everyday life, to an experience that had been abstracted and derealized in the horizon of language.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the stories we continue to tell are derealized.’
    • ‘The large selections brought about that massive non-existence; and the selections themselves became psychologically dissociated from other activities, relegated to a mental area that ‘didn't count’ - that is, both derealized and disavowed.’