Definition of depurative in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈpjʊərətɪv//ˈdɛpjʊrətɪv/

adjective & noun

  • See depuration

    • ‘The lungs had lost their diffusion and depurative functions, the qi dynamic was not smooth, and there was an accumulation in the qi of the large intestine.’
    • ‘Elder, with its depurative and diuretic constituents, helps eliminate toxins in cases of food poisoning.’
    • ‘This herb is used to lower the temperature in cases of fever and as a depurative of the organism from toxins.’
    • ‘Diets and using depurative plants that provoke vomiting accelerate de-intoxication and shorten the abstinence period.’
    • ‘Many of these herbs are what are traditionally known as depuratives or ‘blood purifiers.’’