Definition of depthless in English:



  • 1Too deep to be measured.

    ‘a depthless gorge’
    • ‘Lucy paid a heavy price for fame; she knew its depthless, lonely, suspension.’
    • ‘The children grasped at their mother's hands as tightly as ticks and the men's eyes showed their depthless darkness beneath the brim of their straw hats.’
    • ‘They had gone a deep, depthless green-black, swirling like the ocean in a storm.’
    • ‘The though of what happened when she was packing her things into it brought back the depthless sorrow.’
    • ‘He gazed at his reflection for a long time, straight into his own pupils and losing himself there in that depthless gulf.’
    • ‘What a lovely ride it was, too, across the shimmering blue bay and below depthless blue skies.’
    • ‘For months the sky had remained a depthless gray.’
    • ‘For him, it was the unease of the open door, the increased coolness of his dwelling as heat from the hearth was drawn away into the depthless darkness, and the relentless, renewed struggle against hated memories.’
    • ‘Well, he has curly brown hair that he can't seem to control, depthless blue eyes, and a muscled, tan body.’
    • ‘But it is almost entirely depthless: a trompe-l'oeil of elusive ideas and replicant emotions.’
    • ‘She turned her depthless gaze on her son and smiled faintly.’
    • ‘And as the girl looked up, she met the eyes of the unicorn, the depthless, clear, sad eyes, and she knew.’
    • ‘The reflections of their flames were the only thing that stirred within the depthless water, and they danced eerily on the still surface of the almost perfectly clear water that was tinted black due to the obsidian.’
    • ‘The sky is a depthless blue turning milky at the edges.’
    • ‘But his eyes were dark and depthless; haunting.’
    • ‘The eyes were flawlessly blue; looking into the pupils was like gazing into depthless sky.’
    • ‘His eyes were like depthless, cold black pools.’
    • ‘There was such longing and loneliness buried deep within those depthless eyes as there had never been before.’
    • ‘He felt like he could scream out loud every time their eyes met and he looked into the grey, depthless sorrow that filled hers.’
    • ‘And Russian landscapes are often big and empty, an analogy to the soul, which is depthless.’
  • 2Shallow and superficial.

    ‘a depthless happening in the goofy circus of America’
    • ‘This approach embodied an intellectualist orientation capable only of yielding depthless and superficial personality types.’
    • ‘The bunch on the other side is a talentless and depthless bunch.’
    • ‘Physical attractiveness is a characteristic which is universally branded as depthless and superficial when discussed in the context of determining mate selection for human relationships.’
    • ‘I know not all blondes are self centered, shallow, depthless idiots.’
    • ‘But really the emptiness and depthless art of their club and magazine culture drains the blood from my face.’