Definition of depth sounder in English:

depth sounder


  • another term for echo sounder
    • ‘However, I noticed a slight problem - the depth sounder registered 5m but I couldn't see the bottom.’
    • ‘Our depth sounder, which had read a steady 15 feet the day before, was now vacillating between 10 feet in the troughs and 20 on the crests of the waves.’
    • ‘Learn what makes your boat safe, like the bilge blower and the depth sounder.’
    • ‘The depth sounder tells him how deep his traps are, and the deepest ones we we'll hit today are in about 40 fathoms, or 240 feet, of water.’
    • ‘Less than 25 yards from shore, the depth sounder reads a double-take inducing 300 feet.’