Definition of depth of focus in English:

depth of focus


  • 1

    another term for depth of field
    • ‘However, a practical depth of focus would be ~ 10 m, since the images slightly out of focus were also processed.’
    • ‘Optical microscopy does not have sufficient resolution or depth of focus for studying cell separation and breakage.’
    • ‘If you're going to refuse any shot under, say, 300 yards, then the shallow depth of focus on a 24x or even a 36x scope is no big deal.’
    • ‘They are necessary for locating objects rapidly in the fovea or for changing the depth of focus of the eye from one object to another within the visual field.’
  • 2The distance between the two extreme axial points behind a lens at which an image is judged to be in focus.

    • ‘In addition, it is difficult to change between laser lines rapidly, and it is difficult to retain the exact depth of focus of the different excitation wavelengths.’
    • ‘Because the depth of focus in these experiments was ~ 2 [mu] m, particles from several different planes are captured in the images.’
    • ‘The yield-related depth of focus of the immersion scanner is almost twice that of the dry scanner.’
    • ‘The depth of focus and high-resolution magnification yield data about technology and composition.’
    • ‘They also have infinite depth of focus and can see through certain materials.’