Definition of depressurize in English:


(British depressurise)


[with object]
  • 1Release the pressure of the gas inside (a pressurized vehicle or container)

    ‘O'Kelly depressurized the cabin’
    • ‘However, several colleagues had learned of the plot and came just in the nick of time to prevent the man from depressurizing the chamber.’
    • ‘Entering the shuttle by the tiny airlock would be time consuming and I wondered why Pete hadn't depressurized the cabin and let them in through the main cargo hatch.’
    • ‘By the time someone got to him, the man had already torn away the door's interior panelling and was about to depressurize the cabin.’
    • ‘It appears that they safely depressurized the system in question during the commissioning activities in April 1996 without the need of the additional facilities now claimed.’
    • ‘I'll depressurize the hold and we'll guide it in manually.’
    • ‘What we've got going on right now is, downstairs we have the blower door operating, depressurizing the home.’
    • ‘Chambers were slowly depressurized after treatment, and the animals were reverted to breathing room air thereafter.’
    • ‘He reached up, confused a bit at this order and turned the small valve to the side of the helmet, depressurizing it.’
    • ‘He depressurized the walkway, and then detached it from the transport.’
    • ‘As the crews approached the drop zone, they depressurized the planes and opened the cargo doors.’
    • ‘The flight engineer began to depressurize the aircraft to prevent a rapid decompression from occurring if the EDC failed during the descent.’
    • ‘Then he depressurized the pod and opened the hatch, leading the others onto the rocky surface of Eros.’
    • ‘He stood there for a moment before reaching out and taking the cake. He held it in his hand for a moment before depressurizing his helmet and lifting it up slowly and took a bite.’
    • ‘The technician says someone probably topped off the fluid level without first depressurizing the ABS accumulator.’
    • ‘After depressurizing the window's inner panes, he replaced the hose and installed a protective cover.’
    make a hole in, pierce, penetrate, rupture, perforate, riddle, stab, cut, nick, slit, prick, spike, stick, impale, transfix, bore, bore through, drill, drill through, lance, tap
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    1. 1.1no object (of a pressurized vehicle or container) lose pressure.
      ‘I waited for the deck to depressurize’
      • ‘He clutched the ceiling holding tightly and waited for the cabin to depressurize.’
      • ‘The shuttle door hissed as it depressurized and then opened, rising up to reveal several more well dressed ‘Secret Service’ men.’
      • ‘But he really didn't have any time to contemplate the meaning behind those words, because just about the time that Anthony finished talking, the room depressurized.’
      • ‘If the cabin depressurises, you've got between 15 and 20 seconds before you black out and die.’
      • ‘The main computer told him the airlock was in place and was depressurising.’
      • ‘Red lights came up as I closed the shuttle's hatch and a green came on as the boarding tube depressurized.’
      • ‘As soon as the shuttle's passenger cabin was locked up tight, the shuttle bay depressurized.’
      • ‘His private jet depressurised, causing the crew and passengers to lose consciousness.’
      • ‘At that moment, the airlock began depressurising.’
      • ‘When the timed process is completed, turn off the heat, remove the canner from heat if possible, and let the canner depressurize.’
      • ‘Hermetic seals hissed as they depressurized and the upper chest shell swung open.’
      • ‘She also imparts potentially useful, if not exactly reassuring, tips on what to do when your plane depressurizes: you have slightly less than thirty seconds to put on that dangling oxygen mask before you lose consciousness.’
      • ‘As the tectonic plates move apart, rock is pulled up from depth at the spreading axis and melts as it depressurizes.’
      • ‘As he smashed his fist the fifth time, the airlock depressurised, and a gush of air entered the airlock.’
      • ‘Cocking her head in confusion, she pushed the lock release on the keypad next to the door, causing the door to slide open with an acrimonious hiss as the door depressurized.’