Definition of depressor in English:



  • 1Anatomy
    A muscle whose contraction pulls down a part of the body.

    • ‘Second, the athlete is placed on an aggressive strengthening program for the posterior rotator cuff muscles and the retractor and depressor muscles of the scapula.’
    • ‘All players (except infielders) exhibited significantly stronger depressor muscles of the scapula on the throwing side compared with the nonthrowing side.’
    • ‘This promoter directs a strong expression in the pharyngeal muscles, body-wall muscles, vulval muscles, and anal depressor muscles.’
    • ‘In the overhead thrower, the shoulder external rotator muscles, scapular retractor muscles, and protractor and depressor muscles are frequently isolated because of weakness.’
    • ‘The transgenic array produces a functional GFP fusion protein that is expressed in bodywall, vulval, uterine, spermathecal, and anal sphincter / depressor muscle cells.’
    1. 1.1 Any of several specific muscles in the face.
      followed by Latin genitive ‘depressor anguli oris’
      • ‘By a careful examination and aesthetic evaluation followed by using precise injections to focal muscles, a surgeon can affect the depression of the brow by selective treatment to the depressors and letting the elevators take action.’
      • ‘The cooperation pattern of the jaw elevators and depressors has been studied in many different mammalian species.’
      • ‘Congenital absence or hypoplasia of the depressor anguli oris muscle may simulate facial palsy.’
      • ‘They accomplish this coordination with proprioceptive feedback through the hypoglossal nerve that disinhibits activation of the jaw depressors when the tongue protractor muscle is activated.’
      • ‘To a lesser extent, the jaw depressors (mainly digastric, geniohyoid and lateral pterygoid muscles) were examined.’
  • 2Physiology
    A nerve whose stimulation results in a lowering of blood pressure.

    • ‘Although central resetting via the aortic depressor nerve (ADN) has been known to occur in spontaneously hypertensive rats, the function of the ADN is not yet clear in these animals.’
    • ‘Since the discovery of the depressor nerve, much work has been done in connexion with its important influence on the regulation of blood-pressure.’
    • ‘In conclusion, the morphologic description of the depressor nerve provides important data for further investigations of the structural basis of altered baroreflex responses in conditions such as arterial hypertension, aging, atherosclerosis, and peripheral neuropathies.’
  • 3An instrument for pressing something down.

    • ‘The most common instrument for this examination is a tongue depressor which is used in conjunction with a light or other viewing device.’
    • ‘Take out the firing pin assembly and the extractor depressor assembly to the rear.’
    • ‘With the nib completely immersed in the ink, fully press down and release the depressor several times until the pen is seen to be full.’
    • ‘Get the tongue depressors into the bending jig before they cool down completely.’
    • ‘Use the lifter depressor tool to press down the lifter and install the shim.’