Definition of depreciative in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈpriːʃ(ɪ)ətɪv//dɪˈpriːsɪətɪv/


  • See depreciate

    • ‘I do not intend these critical remarks to be in any way depreciative of his efforts to shed light on the evolution of ciliary bands in the Spiralia.’
    • ‘Of potential value to modern readers, for instance, are his misgivings, expressed for the most part in shorter essays, about democratic government and his mildly depreciative view of the United States.’
    • ‘Their artistry - I'm tempted to call it craftsmanship, but I'm afraid that would seem depreciative - is borne out of their love of the art.’
    • ‘His comparison should not be merely understood as a depreciative assessment of a woman's approach to scholarly and artistic production.’