Definition of depositary in English:


(also depository)

nounPlural depositaries

  • A person to whom something is lodged in trust.

    ‘in the seventeenth century, goldsmiths acted as depositaries for the gold of the rich’
    • ‘Ratification takes place by an exchange of instruments or, in the case of multilateral agreements, by deposit with a designated depositary.’
    • ‘The Secretary General acts as a depository for ratifications, reservations, and renunciations of the various Council of Europe instruments.’
    • ‘The first session of the preparatory conference was convened by New Zealand, the depositary of the convention, at Christchurch, New Zealand from April 23 to April 28, 2001.’


  • (of a share or receipt) representing a share in a foreign company. The depositary share or receipt is traded on the stock exchange of the investor's country rather than the actual share, which is deposited in a foreign bank.

    • ‘Another proposal is to package the shares as American depository receipts and sell them in New York.’
    • ‘Last spring the government proposed selling shares to overseas investors via depositary receipts on the New York Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘Foreign companies can list on the exchange either through depositary receipts or shares.’
    • ‘The Taipei-based financial group sold 170 million shares in the form of global depositary receipts, it said in a statement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange.’
    • ‘According to the Securities and Future Commission, a total of US $4.4 billion has been raised over the last eight months by Taiwanese companies through the issuance of global depositary receipts.’
    • ‘The company is today marketing 700 million shares in the form of global depositary receipts to investors in Hong Kong and Singapore before heading to Europe and the US, said the banker who declined to be identified.’
    • ‘In the last two weeks, the commission approved several issues of Bulgarian depositary receipts, and bonds.’
    • ‘American depositary receipts can simplify the access of U.S. investors to foreign markets.’
    • ‘One US depositary receipt is equivalent to five common shares.’
    • ‘In its July 9 filing, the company said it expected net proceeds of US $1.06 billion from the sale, based on a price of US $16.50 per US depositary share, after expenses and commissions.’
    • ‘Earlier this month, the company failed to sell 1.4 billion new shares through a global depositary receipt issuance to potential foreign investors, due to overly low offers from the interested bidders.’
    • ‘He guided the company's attempt to tap overseas capital markets with an international public offer of global depository receipts, convertibles and bonds.’
    • ‘About 481 overseas companies have issued depositary receipts and are listed on the US bourses.’
    • ‘In a statement, the company said it was considering listing in London through an offering of global depository receipts.’
    • ‘Most of the deals on the free segment of the market were for depositary receipts.’
    • ‘The announcement was first made in the US, where the company's US depositary receipts trade, at around 5.30 am Taipei time.’
    • ‘Investigators said they also found unusual share trades in the weeks before June 10, when the chipmaker sought to sell its global depositary receipts and raise US $117 million to pay its debts.’
    • ‘In the past year Russian companies have raised more than £2.5 billion through the sale of global depositary receipts in Britain.’
    • ‘The shares will be sold in the form of global depositary receipts.’
    • ‘Some 1.2 million shares, depositary receipts and bonds changed hands for a weekly total of over 12 million leva.’


Early 17th century: from late Latin depositarius, from the verb deponere (see deposit).