Definition of depone in English:



[no object]Scottish
  • Give evidence as a witness in a law court.

    with clause ‘Adams paraded several relations to depone that Charlie had been crazy from birth’
    ‘all the witnesses were deponing to the same facts’
    • ‘He deponed of the conditions in the condemned section (death row) of Luzira Prison, as follows:"The living conditions are extremely depressing."’
    • ‘The fact that the person who committed the outrage was abroad on that day was deponed to by twenty-six witnesses.’
    • ‘He deponed that he was standing close beside the Captain of the Vital Spark when the collision took place.’
    • ‘They were deponed to by a condemned prisoner as follows: "Because you spend so much time in your cell alone, you endlessly brood over your fate and it becomes very difficult, and for some people impossible, to cope with it all."’
    • ‘She made her oath to the institution and the Scottish people in her mother tongue thus: "I, Maureen Watt, depone aat I wull be leal and bear ae fauld alleadgance tae her majesty Queen Elizabeth her airs an ony fa come aifter her anent the law."’


Late Middle English: from Latin deponere ‘put down, (in medieval sense) testify’, from de- ‘down’ + ponere ‘to place’.