Definition of depollute in English:



[with object]
  • Remove harmful or poisonous substances from.

    ‘every scrapped vehicle must be drained of oil and petrol to depollute it’
    • ‘New synthetic nanoparticle could disinfect, depollute, and desalinate contaminated water and then get removed magnetically.’
    • ‘"Having received the planning permission to construct a metal scrapyard, this enables us to develop authorised treatment facilities for end of life vehicles to depollute in accordance with EU Directive 2000/53/EC."’
    • ‘The car is then "depolluted," with its oil and brake fluid removed and stored for disposal.’
    • ‘The solar power mission is only a part of the larger mission to depollute the Ganga.’
    • ‘This classifies vehicles at the end of their lives as hazardous waste which have to be depolluted at specially approved centres.’
    • ‘We are an authorised treatment facilities which allows us to depollute cars in accordance with the European ELV Directive.’
    • ‘It's hard to see how a passive wall coating, where the zeolite is mixed wth all the other constituents of a paint, can effectively depollute a whole room on a long-term basis.’
    • ‘We purchase accidented vehicles, depollute them and prepare the remaining parts for sale.’
    • ‘Car owners should be issued with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the vehicle has been depolluted, scrapped lawfully and road tax is no longer due.’