Definition of deployment in English:



mass noun
  • 1The movement of troops or equipment to a place or position for military action.

    ‘the authorities announced deployment of extra security forces in towns and cities to prevent violence’
    ‘they agreed to round up their troops for immediate deployment’
    count noun ‘a six-month deployment in the Gulf with the US Navy’
    • ‘THE US has recognised the officer who oversaw the first Australian fighter deployment into a war zone since the Korean War.’
    • ‘A majority of Australians had disapproved of the troop deployment.’
    • ‘European powers wanted to ask the Security Council to authorize the deployment.’
    • ‘She ordered the deployment of more police and troops into the area to restore order.’
    • ‘And better armies are meaningless without a decision-making structure to allow quick deployment.’
    • ‘Three military units are being sent for yearlong deployments.’
    • ‘They are preparing for the arrival of the UN's Stand-By High-Readiness Brigade, a non-standing, multi-national rapid deployment force.’
    • ‘The end of the Cold War produced significant changes in nuclear-force deployments and war plans, if not in strategy.’
    • ‘Squadrons affected by the deployment have plans to deal with the absence of so many people.’
    • ‘On one mission, the Major, whose deployment ended in April, negotiated with villagers to trade weapons for food.’
  • 2The action of bringing resources into effective action.

    ‘the rapid deployment of high-speed cable Internet services to consumers’
    ‘a world leader in the development and deployment of wave and tidal power’
    • ‘The following recommendations are designed to accelerate broadband deployment in communities across the country.’
    • ‘Ideally, the software solution would be designed to allow phased deployment to support organizations that wish to implement the strategy gradually.’
    • ‘And because Terion hosts the application through a secure Web site, deployment is fast.’
    • ‘He predicted widespread packet-based telephony deployments in 2001.’
    • ‘Their knowledge was incredible, and their experience with equipment and deployment was remarkable.’
    • ‘The planning mode enables senior operators to develop database or deployment plans to meet specific network communication requirements.’
    • ‘As well as its widespread deployment in broadcasting, mobile text culture has been the language of prosaic, everyday transactions.’
    • ‘The NCC has recently concluded its work and done an excellent job in creating standards to facilitate successful system deployment.’
    • ‘Further, advances in photonics and additional fiber deployment appear to allow for a doubling of network capacity each year for the next decade.’
    • ‘Frequently assumed to be a training issue, deployment has shown that the software is the primary problem.’