Definition of deploy in English:



[with object]
  • 1Move (troops or equipment) into position for military action.

    ‘forces were deployed at strategic locations’
    • ‘Troops are deployed, ready to move into position if things get out of hand.’
    • ‘The Legion was often deployed in hopeless military situations.’
    • ‘National Guard troops are often deployed to such events to help keep the peace.’
    • ‘Ministers fear fuel supplies are on the verge of widespread disruption and have drawn up plans to deploy troops to guard refineries and introduce petrol rationing.’
    • ‘On all three occasions the English commander deployed his troops across a relatively narrow front.’
    • ‘The United States had also drawn up contingency plans and would certainly have been in a position to deploy troops had the command been given.’
    • ‘Like any competent warlord, they deploy their troops to watch for intruders.’
    • ‘The Imperial ships in the beach deployed a battalion of samurai to counter the rebel soldiers.’
    • ‘Profiting from a mutiny, the rebel forces deployed their troops rapidly and cut the country virtually in two.’
    • ‘On Wednesday evening we will deploy our own army to their posts.’
    • ‘A second priority for immediate response will be deploying troops engaged in training.’
    • ‘Local authorities responded by mobilising paramilitary police units and deploying a tank regiment onto the streets.’
    • ‘About 160 Special Forces troops are deployed directly on the island itself.’
    • ‘It is of similar speed and capability to Broadband technology, and forms part of the Army's attempt to deploy troops more speedily to emergency situations.’
    • ‘National Guard troops were deployed in the streets at the request of Mayor Anthony Williams.’
    • ‘Whatever lies behind the timing of this initiative, the need to deploy an entire battalion smacks of military miscalculation.’
    • ‘The government had so far relied on police to fight the rebels, stopping short of deploying the army.’
    • ‘The division's mission would be to organize, train, equip, and deploy brigades.’
    • ‘The National Guard is deploying troops across the whole state trying to help flood victims and assess the damage from the hurricane.’
    • ‘Once the strategic lift deploys Army forces to where they are required, tactical logistics moves to the forefront.’
    position, station, post, place, install, locate, situate, site, establish
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    1. 1.1no object (of troops) move into position for military action.
      ‘the air force began to deploy forward’
      • ‘In light of many of the challenges that have plagued peacekeeping operations in the past, brigade-level leaders must learn to take each of these into account and make the right assessments before the first battalion deploys.’
      • ‘In addition to our normal operations, the squadron deployed for two evaluated exercises.’
      • ‘Troops deploying for the North Africa Campaign were issued antitank rockets, known as bazookas, with no previous instruction as to their technical or tactical employment.’
      • ‘In the 1990s Army units began to deploy more frequently for peacekeeping missions in other countries.’
      • ‘When the colonial militia deployed at Concord, the uniform was work clothes.’
      • ‘The Army must rethink the fundamentals of how it prepares, deploys, and supports military operations.’
      • ‘One squadron deployed to Southwest Asia the same month and has been flying from there since.’
      • ‘The danger from mines was at the forefront of everybody's mind when the squadron deployed.’
      • ‘This marks the first time since World War I that the brigade has deployed overseas.’
      • ‘The armies deployed conventionally, in the centre a phalanx of pike-armed heavy infantry flanked on both sides by cavalry.’
      • ‘Obviously, government troops deployed at the protest site exercised restraint as they were instructed.’
      • ‘A signaller calls the chopper in as troops deploy to provide support and resupply to a force in contact.’
      • ‘When a squadron deploys at sea, they need a fully-manned deployable unit.’
      • ‘Certain airlines have waived their service fees and penalties and will provide refunds upon request to soldiers who must change their travel plans when deploying for military duty.’
      • ‘There are already over 500,000 troops deployed - can you imagine how much money that costs?’
      • ‘A brigade can deploy and fight autonomously today only by improvising in some way the support it requires.’
      • ‘They simply could not bring themselves to believe that they would attack, and as a result they adopted the interpretation that their army was deploying only for an exercise.’
      • ‘We saw Army forces deploying from operational depth and are looking at new ways to sustain these forces in a highly mobile, changing environment.’
      • ‘He is scheduled to visit areas near the front and interact with commanders and troops deployed there.’
      • ‘We do not expect to have 115,000 troops permanently deployed in any one campaign.’
  • 2Bring into effective action.

    ‘small states can often deploy resources more freely’
    • ‘Luis deployed his landscape architecture skills to create a fabulous garden out of a pile of rubble.’
    • ‘One of the airmen landed in the river still in his ejector seat but was able to deploy his dinghy, while the other drifted off downriver.’
    • ‘These are places we know from our experience that there are likely to be problems and we are deploying resources to meet the situation.’
    • ‘The problem requires more than deploying all available resources to deal with what is seen only as a contingency.’
    • ‘But he knew the power of words and ideas and he deployed them to great effect.’
    • ‘They were able to deploy facts and figures to sharpen the journalism, challenging those politicians who spoke in pre-fabricated slabs of argument.’
    • ‘We are simply deploying our resources to best effect.’
    • ‘At 8,000 ft they linked arms, and at 4,000 ft, broke apart to deploy their parachutes.’
    • ‘If she can deploy her record-breaking resources to maximum effect, this will ensure the next inspectorate report makes for happier reading.’
    • ‘The unpublished papers are deployed to good effect here, with each film being given a long and informative chapter.’
    • ‘Mark has reached a top speed of 325 mph before he deploys a parachute at 3,000 ft above the ground.’
    • ‘The team performed their aerial display, then broke off to deploy their parachutes and land back at the airfield, in front of a crowd of around 70 people.’
    • ‘Yet the silences, so effective when they are deployed, are largely absent.’
    • ‘A number of days of action have been held and we have deployed extra resources into the area to try and combat the problem.’
    • ‘Whilst we are deploying our resources to put out grass fires, somebody else in the county might need us more and their lives could be put in danger.’
    • ‘However, the trustees do have a responsibility to ensure that the centre's income is deployed in the most effective manner.’
    • ‘The missile would react by climbing up to a high altitude, deploying a parachute, and wait for the radar system to come back on - then it would eject the parachute and kill the target.’
    • ‘We have got the national labs working now looking up the whole supply chain to find out how best we can deploy our resources when it comes to port security.’
    • ‘He stressed the need for biosecurity and disinfection measures to continue to be effectively deployed by all farmers.’
    • ‘Professor Furia wears his learning lightly, but he deploys it to great effect.’
    use, utilize, employ, make use of, avail oneself of, turn to account, take advantage of, exploit
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Late 18th century: from French déployer, from Latin displicare and late Latin deplicare ‘unfold or explain’, from dis-, de- ‘un-’ + plicare ‘to fold’. Compare with display.