Definition of depiction in English:



  • [mass noun] The action of depicting something, especially in a work of art:

    ‘the painting's horrific depiction of war’
    [count noun] ‘Michelangelo's depictions of the male nude’
    • ‘There is, of course, more to these depictions of New York streets than a simple realism of setting.’
    • ‘If one went by media depictions, he lamented, one would think his neighbourhood is a crime-ridden slum.’
    • ‘But uniformity is lacking even between animal depictions within the same painting group.’
    • ‘Artschwager has also continued to produce paintings, typically monochromatic depictions of buildings.’
    • ‘The prime concern of landscape painting is the depiction of natural scenery.’
    picture, painting, portrait, drawing, sketch, artist's impression, study, illustration, portrayal, representation, image, likeness
    portrayal, representation, presentation, description, delineation, characterization
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