Definition of dependably in English:



  • See dependable

    • ‘Solar power bases will be built on the Moon that collect a small fraction of the Moon's dependable solar power and convert it into power beams that will dependably deliver lunar solar power to receivers on Earth.’
    • ‘Boston, dependably conservative in many of its instincts, decreed that buildings must rise no higher than 125 feet.’
    • ‘Her voice wasn't always conventionally beautiful, at least in later years, but it was consistently communicative, and dependably charming and womanly.’
    • ‘In times of plenty, this requirement might pose little problem, but life in the Arctic is not always dependably bountiful.’
    • ‘With a dependably toasty sleeping bag and two or three weeks, intermediate skiers (with previous mountaineering experience and a guide) have a good shot at the summit.’