Definition of depanneur in English:


(also dépanneur)


  • (especially in Quebec) a small shop or convenience store.

    ‘you can buy beer at the depanneur along with your smokes and lotto tickets’
    • ‘"The micro-brewers only do it in reaction to the big breweries," claims one jaded depanneur owner.’
    • ‘This longtime, family-owned depanneur is a neighbourhood institution serving homemade tourtieres and soups daily.’
    • ‘In his hurry to get to the local depanneur to purchase the actual ticket, he forgot his pen on the table.’
    • ‘The kind of person who drives to the depanneur to buy milk hates the street festivals and the parades.’
    • ‘My Korean depanneur even opens on Christmas Day.’
    • ‘It's a scene familiar to most Montrealers: the local depanneur and the cast of characters therein.’
    • ‘There's the fellow running a depanneur who has a PhD in biology but can't work as a professor here because his French isn't good enough.’
    • ‘He tells of a friend's attempts to "pitch a Mile End no-hitter" - that is, to go from apartment to depanneur and back without running into anyone he knows.’
    • ‘Any depanneur in the poorest section of Montreal is better stocked than these are at the best of times.’
    • ‘Go to depanneur, get snacks.’


Canadian French dépanneur, from French (in the sense ‘mechanic, repairman’) (the Canadian French sense apparently deriving from the idea that last-minute or emergency purchases can be made from such a store).