Definition of deodorizer in English:


(British deodoriser)


  • See deodorize

    • ‘Scents are now worked into many products besides perfumes; they are in air fresheners, deodorisers, cosmetic products, tissues, washing powders, detergents and cat litter.’
    • ‘The stink emanating from the storm sewers has plagued the area around the Fremont Street pedestrian mall for a decade, and every time the city has thrown time, effort and deodorizer at the problem, the ‘sewer-type’ aroma has just returned.’
    • ‘The boys rarely talked to each other, yet the atmosphere was surprisingly easy and light, despite previous conversations and unspoken words that hung in the air like bad room deodorizer.’
    • ‘The kits included mops, rubber gloves, masks, scrub brushes and deodorizers.’
    • ‘From room deodorizers and potpourri to non-organic breakfasts and sheets that reek of bleach, the typical overnight stay can seem so toxic you'd almost rather stay home.’