Definition of denouncer in English:



  • See denounce

    • ‘The records project an image of the denouncers - who, not surprisingly, tended to come from the same milieu as those on whom they informed - as drawn largely from groups at the lower end of the social scale.’
    • ‘Great meetings are being held in which warm and angry words prevail by both favourers and denouncers of the measure, and petitions, pro and con, to both houses of parliament, are lying for signature in all parts of this town.’
    • ‘Moreover, he sees himself in the tradition of an H. L. Mencken or George S. Schuyler as a satiric denouncer of all forms of cant, quackery, and nonsense.’
    • ‘Often, when I have responded to some of this stuff, I've gotten an immediate, mortified apology - as though the denouncer didn't quite realize that he or she was engaged in something more than a symbolic exercise.’
    • ‘The year 1642 was largely taken up with answering tracts written against him and a fellow Frenchman, Samuel Desmarets, by his denouncer at Utrecht, Voetius.’