Definition of dendritically in English:



  • See dendritic

    • ‘A strong correlation was found between the induction of LTP and the presence of dendritically initiated spikes.’
    • ‘The micro-porous structure has been shown to facilitate high performance boiling, which is attributed to its high porosity, a dendritically formed and exceptionally large surface area, and to a high density of well suited vapor escape channels.’
    • ‘A new chemistry allows control of molecular architecture to produce dendritically branched materials having different molecular weights but possessing the same generational number.’
    • ‘A full understanding of the behavior of a single, isolated dendrite represents an important step in achieving better understanding and control of the final properties of dendritically solidified materials.’
    • ‘We think that we might be able to achieve a similar function through the construction of ‘dendrizymes’ which are composed of a catalytically active polyoxometalate that is nested in a shell of dendritically branching amphiphiles.’