Definition of demyelination in English:



  • See demyelinate

    • ‘The lesions of demyelination are histopathologically characteristic of the disease.’
    • ‘Multiple sclerosis typically begin in early adulthood and is characterized by multiple areas of demyelination and sclerosis of the brain, spinal cord, or both.’
    • ‘Postural hypotension has been associated with cerebral hypoperfusion and decreased oxygenation of the frontal lobes and with the presence of white matter lesions corresponding to demyelination and arteriosclerosis.’
    • ‘Recent work is again focused on the vascular changes as a basis of the breakdown of the blood-brain barrier that precedes the inflammation and demyelination in a multiple sclerosis plaque.’
    • ‘It might, for example, be a factor in killing oligodendrocytes, and hence triggering demyelination in Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder.’