Definition of demurral in English:



mass noun
  • The action of demurring.

    ‘words of demurral’
    • ‘Then, blithely ignoring Barksdale's demurral, he ordered: ‘Report on Monday.’’
    • ‘Despite the cloak of principle in the country's polite demurral, the decision was actually based on calculations of realpolitik, both global and domestic.’
    • ‘In spite of Mitton's demurral that he lacks the historian's credentials needed for a definitive biography, he has mined a wealth of personal papers, oral histories, and other primary sources with skill and flair.’
    • ‘There seem to have been no demurrals to this action, which (from the perspective of ninety years) appears not to name the building for the donor at all.’
    • ‘And there had been no demurral; not even any whispered private remarks.’
    • ‘The old man cut away the demurral with a choppy gesture.’
    • ‘Yes, yes,’ she insisted over Michael's demurral. ‘I can tell.’
    • ‘Today, however, he discussed my demurral on the air in such a way that indicated he had not read my letter.’
    • ‘Last week the Yorkshire Post reported a bit of demurral at a report which said Selby prices had gone up 66 per cent in 2002.’
    • ‘A member of the audience piped up to suggest that O'Donnell's position as pro-tort reform was clear enough, despite his demurral.’
    • ‘It wasn't in her nature to be coy or self-effacing; she couldn't bring herself to make a polite demurral or plead incompetence where she had none.’
    • ‘Despite the demurrals of wistful theocrats, separation of church and state is an even better idea today than it was in 1791, when the First Amendment was duly ratified.’
    • ‘But at the risk of having Ruddy relegate me once more to the old folks' bench in Theology Park, I would also like to register a demurral or two.’
    • ‘But that note of fastidious demurral is unmistakably his.’
    • ‘For two days, I fielded his calls with excuses, demurrals and, when that failed, hang-ups.’
    • ‘The claim that public art has not been given serious aesthetic or political attention in Chicago may draw demurrals.’
    objection, protest, protestation, complaint, dispute, dissent, carping, cavilling, recalcitrance, opposition, resistance
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