Definition of demonstrator in English:



  • 1A participant in a public protest meeting or march.

    ‘troops opened fire on crowds of demonstrators’
    • ‘Police had to direct traffic away from Rastrick Common yesterday after demonstrators parked cars along the roadside to highlight potential traffic difficulties at the psychiatric unit.’
    • ‘They tried to organize a similar protest a couple of weeks ago, and only produced 10,000 demonstrators.’
    • ‘In Yorkshire, protests arranged by demonstrators communicating by email and websites caused rush-hour traffic jams.’
    • ‘With only a couple of hundred demonstrators, the protest nonetheless attracted local and, more significantly, international attention.’
    • ‘The two leaders had earlier led a march of hundreds of demonstrators in defiance of a government ban on protest rallies or gatherings of more than four people.’
    • ‘Earlier, a march by around 250,000 demonstrators had passed off peacefully but one large group set fire to government buildings.’
    • ‘He vowed to investigate the incident, possibly turning over demonstrators to the district attorney for criminal prosecution.’
    • ‘The small crowd of about 1,000 demonstrators was obliged to march three kilometres from a neighbouring train station.’
    • ‘‘The government must respond positively to the sugar community's aspirations,’ he said in a meeting with the demonstrators.’
    • ‘He added that Saturday's protest would include elderly demonstrators who have never taken to the streets before but were incensed by the plans.’
    • ‘Hundreds of demonstrators marched in the center of the city today to protest his visit.’
    • ‘This time, the square was packed with at least 10,000 pro-hunting demonstrators when she finally arrived, shortly before noon.’
    • ‘Social unrest was exploding as anti-war protestors and civil rights demonstrators used the public stage to express their views.’
    • ‘But a handful of anti-hunt demonstrators, who peacefully protested amidst crowds of supporters, disagreed.’
    • ‘But have you ever sympathised with road protesters, anti-nuclear demonstrators or those who tear up genetically modified crops?’
    • ‘The space around Mahatma Gandhi Statue is already known for protest demonstrators and more such spots can be located in other areas for this purpose.’
    • ‘During Monday's protests, some demonstrators broke into the legislature and shattered windows.’
    • ‘Beyond the street protests, student demonstrators have also paralysed 16 universities and disrupted 35 others, the education ministry said.’
    • ‘The mood of the time hardly supported the protest: the demonstrators were ridiculed; the innocence of the competition defended.’
    • ‘The protests turned into riots at several places when demonstrators destroyed public property.’
    protest marcher, human chain
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  • 2A person who shows how a piece of equipment works or how a skill or craft is performed.

    ‘the demonstrators arrived and launched into a two-hour sales pitch’
    • ‘The student-led demonstrators blockaded government offices and effectively shut down most of the capital, with no bus services operating.’
    • ‘An international demonstrator, teacher and writer, her articles have appeared in popular media and astrological publications around the world.’
    • ‘The wide-ranging project will allow visitors to try their hands at age-old country crafts with the help of trained demonstrators.’
    • ‘In Drawing, Baker is an artist, mother, daughter, wife, demonstrator, performer.’
    • ‘To help do this effectively, have veteran staff help as mentors, tour guides, demonstrators, and controlled procedure interpreters.’
    • ‘The election was marred by violence following a clash between demonstrators and police officers.’
    • ‘The speeches at the Placa de Tetuan were repeated four times as demonstrators continued to arrive.’
    • ‘At first, ask more experienced swimmers to perform the skill (the closer the demonstrator is to the age of the novice, the better.’
    • ‘With snow not normally found at this time of year, even in the nearby Peak District, the demonstrators took to trampolines to give a display of their skills.’
    1. 2.1 A person who teaches by demonstration in a laboratory.
      ‘she was appointed demonstrator in botany at Newnham College’
      • ‘I am honored to be attending the Expo this year as an instructor and demonstrator.’
      • ‘In both capacities Fettes enjoyed and deserved his notice, and by the second year of his attendance he held the half-regular position of second demonstrator or sub-assistant in his class.’
      • ‘He started work under J.J. Thomson, the discoverer of the electron, before becoming an assistant demonstrator of physics.’
      • ‘Qualified AOIFA teacher and demonstrator Marie O'Leary offers a series of courses from the beautifully restored stone cottage in the heart of the Carlow countryside.’
      • ‘Up to 100 council staff left their desks to join school students and other demonstrators disrupting rush hour traffic in Bradford and York.’
      • ‘Harker began life at Cambridge reading physics, but soon transferred his affections to geology and was appointed a demonstrator at the Sedgwick Museum in 1884.’
      • ‘The removal of the demonstrators controls for any antipredator benefits that could be gained by associating with the larger demonstrator group.’
      • ‘At the end of a course an examination was held and if a certain standard was reached one was awarded a Brannra or Badge and those who wished to continue did further classes, with many attaining demonstrator and teacher standard.’
      • ‘After graduating, Waller was a physics demonstrator at the London School of Medicine for Women (now the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine).’
      • ‘He was appointed a demonstrator in zoology at Cambridge in 1882, becoming a fellow of St John's College and a university lecturer in invertebrate morphology in 1884.’
      • ‘Joe was a demonstrator of basketmaking at the time and he taught me.’
      • ‘She had previously taught in secondary schools and as a demonstrator at the university.’
      • ‘After a short time in this employment, Guthrie offered him employment as a demonstrator in physics.’
      • ‘Peer teachers in the second year of the laboratory sequence act as demonstrators, coaches and evaluators.’
    2. 2.2 A piece of merchandise which can be tested by potential buyers.
      ‘the dealer represented the car to be new when it had been used as a demonstrator’
      • ‘The company began development of the gas-generator demonstrator in 1999, and it was due to begin tests by the end of last month.’
      • ‘The team at the University of Strathclyde have proved this mathematically, and we've now built a demonstrator to test it practically.’
      • ‘Premier dealers must always have demonstrators of both models available and Laguna Sport Touring courtesy cars.’
      • ‘Following the successful completion of the demonstrator tests, the system entered full-scale development and pre-production.’
      • ‘The demonstrator engine test lasted 4.9 seconds.’
      • ‘The development programme includes the building and testing of a number of major Puma subsystem demonstrators.’
      • ‘I knew it was an ordinary car straight away because even though it had been carefully prepared as a press demonstrator, it arrived at my house with one headlamp not working and a driver's seat backrest that wouldn't lock.’
      • ‘This is a space flight demonstrator designed to test technologies required for them to locate and rendezvous with the Station.’
      • ‘The company expects to start first test flights on a demonstrator by the end of 2003.’
      • ‘The control fish were tested as described above except the demonstrator shoal remained in the central portion of their half of the tank for the 3-min demonstration period.’
      • ‘By the end of the year, the two demonstrator platforms shall be ready for commencement of contractor testing.’