Definition of demisemiquaver in English:



  • A note having the time value of half a semiquaver, represented by a large dot with a three-hooked stem.

    Also called thirty-second note
    • ‘But from bar 96 onwards other members of the orchestra are playing demisemiquaver (thirty-second note) passage-work, scales and arpeggios, so obviously we should also.’
    • ‘The music never lets up for a moment and both players have to cope with roulades of demisemiquavers in both hands.’
    • ‘The last line begins a new bar and also opens with demisemiquavers, just as the first line does.’
    • ‘Osborne possesses these ‘giving’ qualities, but more than a few times I wished he had taken just a little more time over some of the hurrying groups of demisemiquavers.’
    • ‘Here the demisemiquaver groups and double stops can be played by simply barring across the top two strings, and moving position as shown.’
    • ‘From Bar 301 we have the passage with the single demisemiquaver A at the end of the bar.’