Definition of dementia praecox in English:

dementia praecox


  • archaic term for schizophrenia
    • ‘He was suffering from total amnesia and dementia praecox and was duly incarcerated in an asylum in Rodez in central France.’
    • ‘Or is she suffering from what German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin called dementia praecox, the antecedent of today's schizophrenia?’
    • ‘Schizophrenia, which used to be called early dementia or dementia praecox, is a devastating mental illness.’
    • ‘Emil Kraepelin proposed links between dementia praecox and hormones in 1892.’
    • ‘Among the illnesses he described were manic-depression and dementia praecox, a disorder renamed schizophrenia (split mind) by the Swiss psychiatrist Eugene Bleuler in 1911.’


Latin, literally ‘early insanity’.


dementia praecox