Definition of demark in English:



  • another term for demarcate
    • ‘These lines demark similar ionic potential, which is a measure of how tightly an ion's charge is packed.’
    • ‘American Scots also had to demark the chief characteristics of this new identity.’
    • ‘A few weeks later, they surrounded the town's municipal buildings with yellow caution tape demarking an area the size of a local clear-cut forest.’
    • ‘In practice, the outer boundary of the local domain is demarked by a cosolvent (not water) monolayer if solvent structure is short-ranged.’
    • ‘The trouble is, some Web sites use special characters in URLs for legitimate purposes, such as demarking your username and password for easy login.’
    • ‘These are less noticeable than edges demarking stage transitions, but they cause considerable tension, friction, or energy costs to maintain or negotiate.’
    • ‘The gesture demarks his place in life: he is trapped where he is; he can see beyond his circumstance, but he cannot get there; he is a prisoner of technology.’
    • ‘One important thing is that companies need to think beyond the artificial lines demarking their ‘industry.’’
    • ‘If not to defeat him, to question his judicial beliefs as a way of demarking how they differ from liberal conceptions of jurisprudence.’
    • ‘The question of demarking legitimate from illegitimate bodies is not a recent phenomenon.’
    • ‘In a work that interprets Dreamtime stories, costumes play an integral role in demarking personas, animals and humans.’
    • ‘Bonded areas have a sharply demarked boundary with a foamlike interior.’
    • ‘It means a place that is demarked or set up or set apart.’
    • ‘There is a strip of fairy-lights taped to the floor to demark the edge of the track.’
    • ‘At first this resulted in the marginalisation of alternative film-making, with funding clearly demarking commercial entertainment for profit from film art, with the majority of funding going to the former.’


Mid 19th century: from demarcation, on the pattern of the verb mark.