Definition of delta wing in English:

delta wing


  • A single triangular swept-back wing fitted on some jet aircraft.

    • ‘One former Vulcan pilot explained: ‘Although it was an easy aircraft to fly, it owed everything to the two pairs of Olympus 202 engines housed within the delta wing.’’
    • ‘Soon the dismal, dark skies over Heathrow had given way to a brilliant blue, with the sun glinting on Concorde's delta wings.’
    • ‘Under this concept the launch vehicle, which has a solid-fuel engine and a delta wing, would be suspended under the airplane's fuselage.’
    • ‘These fighters had large delta wings instead of the conventional wings and tail stabilizers.’
    • ‘I am of an age where I have never not been aware of Concorde and never not felt that with its dynamic shape and delta wing that it was ever anything else than the Queen of the Skies.’


delta wing