Definition of delish in English:



  • Delicious.

    • ‘TV's fish is now more delish with a tangy twist of lime.’
    • ‘Espresso was delish, but cappuccino and Americano coffees were dreadful, according to Anna at least.’
    • ‘The moules were delish and the frites were few (scandalous!)’
    • ‘We can't think of anyone who wouldn't want something this delish.’
    • ‘But, after a huge amount of delish Indian takeaway food last night, I had to have a sausage barm and two rounds of toast this morning.’
    • ‘The early bird menu is very good value and a delish treat in all courses.’
    • ‘The third brunch was quiet and local and delish, with newspapers and story printouts and indulgent-on-his-part discussion of character interactions.’
    • ‘During our pre-golf dining at the snack bar, I definitely dipped a slice of pizza into nacho cheese, which was a first for me… delish.’
    • ‘The BBQ pork sandwich was delish, and at $3.39, I could have put down three.’
    • ‘A rich cashmere throw, a pair of princess-worthy slippers, and some delish candles will keep her nest well feathered.’
    • ‘One night it was beef in a sweet chilli sauce… delish.’
    • ‘The meat itself was fall-off-the-bone good, tender as can be, and served with a delish pale orange swirl of mashed potato and carrot, seasoned with a dash of cinnamon for dramatic effect.’
    • ‘Ray (the fish, not a man) with an egg (that's what I thought, but it was very nice indeed) salad, asparagus, beans and some creamy delish sauce.’
    • ‘They turned out very pretty, and quite a delish; I even liked them, although I could only eat a couple of bites a time.’
    • ‘I tried once with the original butter-only, and that was quite delish.’
    • ‘Simplicity of dishes, spring rolls with a delish peanut sauce, spicy calamari, warm rice cake dessert’
    • ‘The ‘protein clusters’ resemble astronaut food, but the dried strawberries and blueberries make the whole mix delish.’
    • ‘Then turn out on to a plate and you have a delish caramel pear tart.’
    • ‘No need to ditch the chocolate chips always and forever, but regularly substituting something like fruit or frozen yogurt is smart and delish.’
    juicy, moist, luscious, lush, fleshy, pulpy, soft, tender, fresh, ripe
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