[WITH OBJECT]often as noun delinking
  • Break the connection between (something) and something else.

    ‘the possibility of delinking from the international economic system’
    • ‘In the 1970s, the US delinked the dollar from the gold standard to pay for the massive cost of the Vietnam War.’
    • ‘Can we continue to delink economics and geopolitical interests on the part of this country?’
    • ‘The city's ancestry can never be delinked from Britain.’
    • ‘It is impossible and unnecessary to delink the council from politics.’
    • ‘Whereas economic liberals argue in favor of world market integration in order to promote development, and dependency theorists argue for delinking, mercantilists suggest a middle road.’
    • ‘Here's another instance of economics being delinked from political developments.’
    • ‘An alternative notion sees development as creating new paths, breaking old molds, and perhaps delinking from particular alliances or organizations.’
    • ‘It has asked the government to delink its pay scales from those of the Central Bank.’
    • ‘It cannot really be delinked because for the U.S. this is an important issue.’
    • ‘I wasn't delinking the blog, but the man, so to speak.’
    • ‘In the meantime, I'm delinking the archives and readying this place for a new look.’
    • ‘Thus there is no way of eliminating underdevelopment at the periphery apart from delinking from capitalism.’
    • ‘By delinking the dollar from the gold standard and effectively devaluing it, the Nixon Administration hoped to steal a march on its rivals.’
    • ‘It delinks behavior from older terminology bracketing both structure and process.’
    • ‘Some would argue that this is an expression of an inexorable trend: the inherent tendency of silicon capitalism to delink the growth of production from that of employment.’
    • ‘He complains that since Punjabi was delinked from Gurmukhi script, it has been reduced to a ‘boli’ (spoken language) in Pakistan.’
    • ‘Health insurance would be delinked from employment, and people would freely choose what sort of insurance they wanted and use the Health Savings Accounts to pay the out-of-pocket costs.’
    • ‘One wonders how far the military itself is delinked from its old geopolitics to allow projections of conflict to be replaced by projections of economic profit.’
    • ‘Just as surrogacy delinks the genetic and the gestational mother, so embryo-freezing disconnects conception and gestation.’
    • ‘This approach also delinks the installation of storage from the provisioning of storage, allowing for all storage to be installed and made accessible to the network storage controller.’
    dissociate, divorce, alienate, separate, segregate, isolate, cut off
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