Definition of delimitation in English:



  • See delimit

    • ‘The report suggests that the number of seats in these two categories could be increased, and the existing delimitations of the functional constituency seats may be changed.’
    • ‘In whatever way you phrase it, ‘difference’ will always propose delimitations and boundaries.’
    • ‘So much seems intuitive, and suggests ways of disposing of the objection by appealing to implicit or explicit delimitations of the domain of discourse.’
    • ‘It also offers potential for land titling, delimitation, and demarcation purposes.’
    • ‘The internal game spaces and delimitations and the external delimitations of the play spaces constitute game turfs.’
    • ‘In fact, even the delimitations of most families are uncertain, and only two families, the Alaudidae and the Hirundinidae (swallows and martins), are unambiguously defined.’