Definition of delimit in English:



  • Determine the limits or boundaries of.

    ‘agreements delimiting fishing zones’
    • ‘The temperature and concentration domains of each of these phases were experimentally determined, and coexistence domains have been also delimited.’
    • ‘As her face appears in the ornate mirror hanging over her jewelry box, she begins to delimit the boundaries of her search.’
    • ‘In doing so, she delineates the political and cultural anxieties these authors exhibited in delimiting boundaries of the individual and the nation as a means of preserving health.’
    • ‘Our question is then to examine the possible cross-cultural value of the issue of Human Rights, an effort which begins by delimiting the cultural boundaries of the concept.’
    • ‘He delimits time preference to the role of determining the rate of net consumption, which last, he argues, is the primary direct determinant of aggregate profit.’
    • ‘Put bluntly, anywhere ‘too different’ falls outside a strictly delimited comfort zone and is construed as both alien and irrelevant.’
    • ‘The concept of functional units of regulation supposes the presence of chromatin loop domains, delimited by sequences known as chromatin boundaries.’
    • ‘Here, the overall inventive concept is said to be obvious, and the particular means used to delimit the boundaries of the claim is insufficiently described.’
    • ‘This approach helps strictly delimit the scope of the object, which, as is known, is broader than the subject, and then also the subject matter of the study of the military sphere.’
    • ‘Like its conceptual cousin, the uncanny, it delimits the boundaries of certainties about identity and experience.’
    • ‘These two powers thus delimit the bounds of heaven and the world.’
    • ‘Critical to this hypothesis is the identification of insulator or boundary elements that delimit chromosomal domains.’
    • ‘There is need to delimit the boundary of the Indus drainage basin on its south-eastern side to determine the area of the Basin falling in Haryana and Rajasthan.’
    • ‘More extensive analysis of this region will be necessary to delimit the precise boundaries of this haplotype block.’
    • ‘Officials would at first define and delimit the investment accounts but eventually allow a wider array of investment options.’
    • ‘Determining the scope of fair dismissal for disobeying orders is vital in delimiting the bounds of managerial prerogative.’
    • ‘Yet we live in a world in which the boundaries delimiting marked identities from those that are unmarked are increasingly ambiguous.’
    • ‘The inclusion of figures or dimensions in the claim shows that they are intended to contribute to determining and hence to delimiting the subject matter of the patent.’
    • ‘In the space of regulation, boundaries are delimited and linear.’
    determine, establish, set, fix, mark, mark off, mark out, demarcate, bound, define, delineate
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Mid 19th century: from French délimiter, from Latin delimitare, from de- ‘down, completely’ + limitare (from limes, limit- ‘boundary, limit’).