Definition of delicense in English:


(also delicence)


[with object]
  • Deprive of a licence.

    ‘physicians are being threatened, impoverished, delicensed, and imprisoned for prescribing in good faith with the intention of relieving pain’
    • ‘We're the most delicensed uncontrolled film industry in the world…’
    • ‘Apparently the spectrum that Wi-Fi uses has not been delicensed yet for use in this country.’
    • ‘The Act has removed a number of restrictive barriers to the generation and flow of power in a competitive market scenario via delicenced generation, open access and trading.’
    • ‘In the future this is what the company will also offer us if it is delicensed and left to the tender mercies of the marketplace.’
    • ‘Coal and lignite, petroleum (other than crude) and its distillation products and bulk drugs were delicensed.’