Definition of Delhi belly in English:

Delhi belly


mass nouninformal
  • An upset stomach accompanied by diarrhoea, especially as suffered by visitors to India.

    ‘he was suffering from a severe case of Delhi belly’
    • ‘Sadly, while most young travellers return with incredible tales and experience nothing worse than a case of Delhi belly, some never come back at all.’
    • ‘I was like the indigenous people who drink from the yellow waters of the Ganges, and never develop Delhi belly.’
    • ‘I've heard many stories from friends about dodging cows on the streets, partying on beaches and suffering from Delhi belly.’
    • ‘The most common ailments, traveler's sickness, otherwise known as Montezuma's revenge or Delhi belly, and the common cold.’
    • ‘Britons, especially cricketers, travelling there were invariably forewarned about Delhi belly.’