Definition of delay line in English:

delay line


  • 1A device producing a specific desired delay in the transmission of a signal.

    • ‘In response to an input clock signal, the variable delay line produces a delayed output clock signal that is compared at a race detection circuit to the input clock signal.’
    • ‘Sound that goes into a delay line inlet is stored for a fixed period of time before it comes out again.’
    • ‘Then at least one electrical delay line delays the input signal.’
    • ‘Methods of operating delay lines and locked loops are also disclosed.’
    • ‘A subsequent pulse stretcher splits off a portion of the output, sending it through multiple delay lines and relaying the imaging, or the delayed portion, back onto the ‘parent’ beam.’
    • ‘The patented delay line detector features three pairs of low resistance wires wound around a hexagonal support.’
    • ‘The pump pulses were passed through an optical delay line and a chopper which cut out every second pulse.’
    • ‘The pump pulse is temporarily shifted with respect to the probe pulse by an optical delay line.’
    • ‘Fortunately for us, we are dealing with digital signals where a delay line can be implemented with nothing more than a FIFO (first in, first out) buffer.’
    1. 1.1 A set of mirrors controlling the path lengths between outlying telescopes and a central receiver.
      • ‘By integrating this source with a delay line and a broadband, grazing-incidence toroidal mirror, the researchers generated odd phase-locked harmonics of the laser frequency up to very high orders.’