Definition of deke in English:



Ice Hockey
  • A deceptive movement or feint that induces an opponent to move out of position.

    • ‘Since you have independent control of both the stick/puck and the skater's body and momentum, you have to manage both to pull of an effective deke move.’
    • ‘It uses classic deke controls to skate past, around, or through defenders, then rip the back of the net with pin-point accuracy.’
    • ‘Spins, dekes, shot fakes, and, yes, poke checks, are all accounted for.’
    • ‘The system uses combinations of moves on the right analog stick or both analog sticks in unison (to shoot while deking) to produce a specific deke result.’
    • ‘One-timers are easier to execute, as are dekes.’


Ice Hockey
  • with object and adverbial Draw (a player) out of position by performing a deke.

    ‘four minutes into the third period, Hull scored his 70th goal of the season, deking a Flyer defenceman to the ice’
    no object ‘McRae deked twice and scored’
    • ‘He deked and ball faked and muscled his way past every last one.’
    • ‘The crowd was on its feet with a roar as she spun counterclockwise, deked out the goaltender, snapped the puck home at an impossible angle, and slid back-first into the boards on her rear.’
    • ‘Players now tie each other up in intricate pretzels, crouch to let another player fly over their backs and deke faster than lightning.’
    • ‘His spin moves, particularly down low, have left defenders standing alone and goaltenders deked out of their skates.’
    • ‘He skates in alone on the goaltender, dekes the netminder to his knees, and flips the puck high into the open net.’


1960s: shortened form of decoy.