Definition of deinstall in English:


(also deinstal)

verbdeinstalling, deinstals, deinstalled, deinstalls

[with object]
  • Remove (an application or file) from a computer.

    • ‘However, the systems can be deinstalled and moved to a new location and re-installed relatively easily.’
    • ‘Go to device manager and remove all audio hardware, go go remove install and deinstal audio driver if there, restart.’
    • ‘Now we want to program an update, which recognizes the old one, saves some files, and finally deinstals it.’
    • ‘I wish to deinstal these two programs.’
    • ‘So does this mean I should deinstall any streaming-video software from my laptop before I visit the UK, lest I be charged the TV license fee while going through customs?’
    • ‘To deinstal a driver please use the software section in your system settings.’