Definition of deicide in English:



  • 1The killer of a god.

    1. 1.1mass noun The killing of a god.
      • ‘The Catholic Church officially disavowed the charge of deicide against the Jewish people only in 1965, nine years after my grandfather died, and two years after my First Communion.’
      • ‘Their sin is not deicide any more, nor are they are accused of possessing sinister racial traits.’
      • ‘Actually, it's a bit hazy on whether it was deicide or suicide.’
      • ‘Of course, priests have preached deicide from the pulpits, biblical commentaries have explained it, and pogroms were based upon it.’
      • ‘In particular, I never heard any accusation of deicide directed against my people.’


Early 17th century: from ecclesiastical Latin deicida ‘killer of a god’, or directly from Latin deus ‘god’ + -cide.