Definition of dehumidify in English:



[with object]
  • Remove moisture from (the air or a gas).

    • ‘Cooling is provided using ground water that pre-cools and dehumidifies the incoming air, and then runs through high-level cooling convectors in the offices for additional effect.’
    • ‘Keep the unit clear of windows and doors where dehumidified air will leak out.’
    • ‘‘We do our best by dehumidifying the fumigating to keep the manuscript safe from insects.’ says a librarian.’’
    • ‘When connected to a sideline compressor, the undergarment device blows dehumidified air on the players.’
    • ‘Air-to-air exchangers will dehumidify and provide a constant 0.75 air change per hour, compared with the average four to five air changes per hour that leak into the average wood frame home.’
    • ‘Each night the boats are dehumidified in their sheds to dry out water absorbed by the hulls.’
    • ‘Shut all doors and windows to the area to be dehumidified.’
    • ‘The size of the fan, along with the power of the fan motor, determines how large a room your unit can dehumidify.’
    • ‘The freezers warm up and dehumidify the air inside the appliance daily or when their ‘intelligent’ system detects the unit needs it, raising the temperature just enough to stop ice forming.’
    • ‘Control of moisture and nutrient matter inside the home includes dehumidifying and circulating indoor air to eliminate conditions conducive to microbial growth.’
    • ‘Computers generate heat, dehumidifying the air, and you blink less when you concentrate on work.’
    • ‘A small unit running for an extended period operates more efficiently and is more effective at dehumidifying than a large unit that cycles on and off too frequently.’
    • ‘Cleaning surfaces with a bleach solution and dehumidifying the air can help, but if you have mold inside your walls or any serious buildup, you'll want to have it dealt with by a professional.’
    • ‘The submarine is now on display in a special gallery which is served by a powerful dehumidifying system.’
    • ‘Balls then move to the ‘drying room,’ an air-conditioned, dehumidified area where they dry out from the effects of the dampening room.’
    • ‘Once the gas is extracted, it is scrubbed to remove acids and dehumidified.’
    • ‘A centralized air system filters air and humidifies or dehumidifies it, depending on the season.’
    • ‘It can dehumidify down to 42-degrees, and some models hold a whopping 65 pints of water.’
    • ‘Room units for heating, cooling, humidifying, or dehumidifying are not acceptable.’
    make dry, dry out, dry up, parch, scorch, sear, bake
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